Sustainable growing and business practices.

Safe to Eat

Ready for your family's table. Our plants are non GMO and grown with no pesticides.

Pollinator Friendly

The plants we offer don't just attract us humans, but insects too. All are grown without neonicotinoids, which poison the bees when they pollinate the flowers.

Organic Soil

What's in the pot matters. The soil that our plants are grown in is OMRI certified organic.

Renewable Pots

Our pots are made from plant by-products. Made by EcoForms, a family run business in California that uses a solar powered and no-waste manufacturing process.

Public Benefit Corporation

We've set up the business to have a positive social and environmental imnpact. In the near future we'll start the process to become a certified B corporation.

Recyclable Packaging

All of our packaging can be recycled. We're currently prototyping even more regenerative and compostable ways to get plants to you.